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    You are now connected to the innovated means of reaching our Baranggay.   A vast of information is now available, from our history, baranggay profile, baranggay officials to current barangay events and programs.  

    Furthermore, to serve our subordinate and promote our dearest Baranggay is the primary goal of this innovation.  We aim high that in succeeding years, we will fulfill our dreams to be a world class baranggay.  

    Excellent governance of the baranggay and strong support of the citizen makes this dreams motivated.  Proper garbage segregation, support green world campaign, promote sport activities, law-abiding citizen and polite law-officers are some of the pillars that will make this vision come true.  And with the support of the City government, this dream will never be just a dream. Now, through this innovation, you can now reach us in just a tip of your finger.  Access anywhere, anytime.

    Once more, we extend our warmest welcome to you, enjoy browsing!

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