Goals and Objectives


  1.    To give the best services and responds with respect and honesty to our constituents.
  2.     To repair barangay canals as a preventive measure against floods during rainy seasons.
  3.     To install additional street lights to prevent crimes and to lessen accidents at night.
  4.     To provide basic medicine on demand for indigents and kids thru the purchase of medicines.
  5.     To maintain peace and order situation within the barangay.
  6.     To promote an environment-friendly community.
  7.     To increase income thru seminars, trainings and workshops for livelihood projects.
  8.     To promote volunteerism mentality.
  9.     To foster awareness of women’s rights against domestic violence and possible trafficking.                                     
  10.     To promote protection of natural resources consciousness.
  11.     To promote cooperation among Senior Citizen Organizations.
  12.     To provide information on solid waste management.
  13.     To promote capacity building among the youth in different capacity building activities such as livelihood trainings, clean and green coordinating cases.