History of Cupang North

        Before the arrival of the Spaniards in Balanga, the place has its own distinction, Cupang, an epithet originated from a tree.

        Long time ago, places were known through its legend. Talisay River was so long that there were marks used to identify each place. The distinction of Cupang was a tree named after it, located at the end of Manalaotao Street, near the river.The tree of Cupang withered and later wilted in 1950’s.

        There was no specific data as to when Cupang was really organized as a particular barrio, but according to a page in the book “Baliktanaw”, a resident named Rufino Valdecanas acted as the Barangay Captain of the said place. In l770, exactly 56 years after, Balanga became a town. It was precisely Cupang was recognized as a barangay because of the presence of a Barangay Captain.

        In 1780, Rufino Valdecanas was succeeded by Teodoro Ramirez, and then followed by Tranquilino Ramirez in 1810. There are other names added to the list. One of whom is Angel Mendoza, who after being a Barangay Captain became the Mayor of Balanga in 1904. Others from the list are Alejandro Guevarra, Isaac Guevarra, Miano Ramirez, Pablo Malixi, Cirilo Pineda and Raymundo Valdecanas.

        Cupang North was established on March 12, 1987, and the population was 2,l96 in 2000 census. It was Gil R. Malixi who served as Barangay Chairman from 1989-1994 followed by Noel Joseph L. Valdecanas from 1994-November, 2007 followed by the incumbent Virgilio G. De Jesus, from 2007 to the present.